Window Decorating Ideas for the Holidays

The holiday season is just around the corner. If you’ve started looking for decorating ideas, make sure not to leave out your windows. They can give your home a finished look and complement your holiday décor. You can even make your windows the focal point of your home for the season.

To help you, our Orange County replacement windows experts have prepared a list of ideas you can try to decorate your windows.

Make It Snow

California may be expected to have warm winter, but it doesn’t mean you can’t have a snowy holiday season.

Cut out different sizes of snowflakes from colorful papers and hang them on your window mullions and muntins. You can also use double-sided tapes and suction cups to hang them on the glass pane. For added appeal, consider create fake snow using a foam ball. Cut the foam ball into two and rub the halves together over a cup. Continue doing this until you have enough fake snowflakes you can use to put on your windowsill.

Hang a String of Holiday Beads and Bauble

What can be better than holiday beads and bauble to brighten up a room? Drape strings of colorful beads in holiday colors over your curtain rods. You can also create your own accessory by putting together old baubles in silver strings and hanging them in different lengths on your windows.

Decorate with Wreaths

Want to keep it simple this season? Simply hang a holiday wreath on each window. Put a personal touch by asking your kids, family, and friends to help you decorate each wreath. You may also hang a few tiny wreaths on the curtain rod to create a festive vibe in your home.

Wrap It Up with Ribbons

Create an elegant look by framing your windows with long ribbons in holiday hues. For the corners, think about making small wreaths or other accessories to liven up the design. You can match the colors of the ribbons with your color theme for the season or use one that complements your colors to make the windows your focal point.

Go Vintage

Have a nostalgic feel in your home by using vintage holiday items, such as old aprons and linens, as window treatments. Make sure to protect special linens from exposure to direct sunlight to stop them from fading.

You don’t have to spend a fortune on holiday décor for windows. You can make your own or repurpose old items, so you can have one-of-a-kind decorations you can be proud of.

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