Window Features For Visual Impact and Effect – Part I: Choosing the Right Window Design

At their most basic, your home’s windows provide you a portal for looking out into the wider world beyond. A window, however, in the right design or style can do a lot more for your home. Whether it’s the visual impact of a particularly striking window, or the functionality that goes with a particular window design, the ways in which the different window types can affect your home life guarantee that you’ll never think of them as “just windows” ever again.

Right Window Design

Double-hung windows are familiar and traditional, and are the most popular window type in America. They are among the easiest to work with, and work well with just about any style of home. Also, their particular style of construction makes it easy to accommodate the installation of an air conditioner.

Casement windows are noted for their ease of operation and unrivaled ability to provide ventilation. This crank-operated window is capable of catching breezes that other windows might not, especially side breezes, making it an exemplary choice for air circulation. At the same time, the window closes and latches firmly against the frame, allowing you to seal out the outside without having to worry about air leakage.

Picture windows excel at one thing: framing the view. Named for the way they capture the outside like a picture in a frame, picture windows make up for their lack of operability by giving you a view no other window type can, though they can come close. Picture windows’ wide expanse of glass also makes them good sources of natural lighting, helping to reduce your reliance on artificial sources of illumination, and can serve to reduce heating costs in winter by admitting more heat and light than other window types.

Bay and bow windows are variations on the same theme. While bay windows tend to be blockier, as compared to the gentler curve of a bow window, they both create actual usable space in the rooms they’re installed in, while simultaneously enhancing the lighting and the illusion of space in those rooms. Viewed from the outside, both present an interesting architectural feature that can only serve to enhance the impact and appeal of your home.

The material you choose to have your windows made from has as much impact as the window’s design. More on this in part II!