Window-Framing Types and Which Ones Work Best for Your Home

There’s a wide selection of replacement window options these days. On one hand, that’s great news. No matter your home’s architecture or design scheme, you’re bound to find one that fits the bill. On the other hand, the selection process could become even more difficult. So how do you determine the window that’s right for your home?

We at Renewal by Andersen® of Orange County, your experts in replacement windows in Orange County CA, have decided to help out. In this particular entry, we focus on these window types: wood and composite-frame windows.

Wood-Frame Windows
When choosing windows, it’s important to note that not all units are made equal. For the longest time, wood-frame windows were considered the top choice. Their biggest selling point is perhaps their beauty. They look good on their own, but some like to have them painted a different color. Either way, wood exudes an elegance that is difficult to match. It’s tough and a fairly good heat insulator as well.

However, the biggest problem many homeowners have with wood windows is that they can be difficult to maintain. Wood needs to be repainted or restained periodically to maintain not just its appearance, but its ability to protect against the elements as well. Wood is vulnerable to rot, decay, and mold when exposed to excessive humidity and moisture. They can peel, crack, and warp under extreme weather conditions.

Some manufacturers attempt to resolve the upkeep problem with aluminum cladding. This type of window features a solid wood interior, but the sash and frame are wrapped in aluminum. Window casings are made with pure extruded aluminum, which are often made to look like wooden trim.

Aluminum is strong, long-lasting, and requires less upkeep than wood. However, it is not a very good insulator. They’re only a good idea if the temperatures in your area are mild.

Composite-Frame Windows
When selecting new units, it’s important to look for replacement windows Orange County weather will easily not beat to a pulp. You’re much better off with a composite, such as Fibrex® from Renewal by Andersen.  This material is very sturdy and, unlike others, doesn’t contract or expand even under intense weather conditions.

In terms of heat insulation, Fibrex is about 700 times better than aluminum. It won’t allow heat to leave your home during winter or allow it to enter during summer. This way, your HVAC systems aren’t overworked, which can lead to reduced utility bills in the long run.

Fibrex frames need little to no maintenance over the course of their life span. They offer terrific resistance to rot and mold. They’re not likely to peel, crack, or corrode. A unique process fuses color to the frames so they won’t need scraping or repainting as years go by.

Contact us at Renewal by Andersen of Orange County for more information on our Fibrex-frame windows. Let’s schedule a free in-home consultation at a time convenient for you.