Window Style Series: A Look at Picture Windows

Picture windows are as simple as windows come. They’re the only option that’s fixed—meaning that they cannot be opened or closed. That’s because they’re optimized for one simple purpose: framing a beautiful view and making a “picture” out of them. While they truly excel at this task, they have many other great benefits that Renewal by Andersen® of Orange County will share with you in this article:

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They draw in a lot of natural light

The wide immobile, expanses that are picture windows in Orange County, CA don’t just offer you a great view of the world outside your home. They also draw in a lot of natural light. This has been proven to calm people, reduce stress and frustrations, and even improve productivity. On top of that, natural light is easier on the eyes than their artificial equivalents.

They are easy to maintain

Picture windows are very economical too. The lack of mechanical parts makes them easy to manufacture, lowering the costs passed onto homeowners. They make for quick and easy windows installation in Orange County, CA too—another area you’ll save money on. Even when they’re purchased and put in, they retain their practicality—being the easiest option to clean and keep clean.

They are energy efficient.

By themselves, picture windows are already energy efficient; they can’t open up to let air and heat in or out of your home. Our windows at Renewal by Andersen of Orange County take this a step further. We use Fibrex® for our frames and High-Performance™ Low-E4® glass for our panes. Both of these resist heat transfer and lessen your dependence on artificial cooling and heating methods. This reduces your monthly energy bills.

If you happen to have a great view that you can take advantage of or simply want to bring in that good old natural light, then picture windows are the perfect option for you. Give Renewal by Andersen of Orange County a call and we’ll be glad to talk you through all the window options we have to help you pick the one best suited for your home.