Window Style Series: All About Sliding Windows

Window replacement is a popular home improvement project because it can increase property value, improve indoor comfort, and enhance curb appeal. One of the most popular types of windows today is the sliding window.

Sliding Window

Sliding Window Basics

This type of window style is made of two sashes that slide along the frame. It also has bigger glass area compared to other designs. Sliding or gliding windows in Orange County, CA are popular because of the following benefits:

  • They don’t use springs or pulleys, so you don’t have to worry about replacement or repairs on mechanical parts.
  • The sashes slide left or right, which is easy to operate.
  • They do not project or open outward or inward, so they don’t interfere with walkways, decks, patios, or landscaping.
  • They can be combined with picture, double hung, and other window styles.
  • They are more ideal in contemporary homes.
  • They provide greater ventilation when they are open.
  • The large glass provides better viewing area.

Quality Sliding Windows

If you want high-quality sliding windows perfect for the Orange County warm climate, look for Renewal by Andersen®. We are the leading source of beautiful, durable, and energy-efficient windows. Our gliding windows come with a slim, contoured frame made of Fibrex®, our patented composite material. With Fibrex, your new windows are guaranteed not to pit, rust, or corrode.

For energy efficiency, we have three glass packages available:

  • High-Performance™ Low-E4® glass – This glass package can reduce harmful ultraviolet rays by up to 95%. It is 45% more efficient in winter and 56% more efficient during summer.
  • Low-E4 SmartSun™ glass – This option is our most energy-efficient package available.
  • High-Performance Low-E4 Sun glass – This glass package has the highest solar heat gain rating to keep your home cool during warm weather. Windows with this glass can also reduce visible light and glare.

Aside from reducing energy consumption, our sliding windows in Mission Viejo, CA and nearby areas can also boost curb appeal. You can accent your new windows with many grille patterns and hardware options offered by us. You can also pick from several interior and exterior finishes that will match the current theme of your home.

Sliding windows are great investments when it comes to better ventilation, and you can make the most them when you get them from Renewal by Andersen of Orange County. Call us today at (888) 266-7127 to learn more about our windows.