Window Styles That Could Serve Your Kitchen to the Fullest

Unlike other home areas, the kitchen has more demanding requirements from windows. Considering its great need for daylighting to aid food preparation and cooking tasks and ventilation to prevent excessive humidity, any window wouldn’t do.

Window Styles

To make your kitchen as functional as possible, Renewal by Andersen® of Orange County recommends these windows:


The bay comprises multiple glass units facing different directions to catch plenty of sunshine until the last daylight hours. Compared with other windows, the bay provides longer natural illumination, which is essential in any kitchen. Its operating flankers allow ventilation when necessary, inviting fresh drafts in and breathing out the moist, indoor air.

If you have a small kitchen, the bay would extend your real estate, creating a niche for extra seating and storage. You can also place it above the sink, giving you an instant ledge for displaying decorative items as well as sun-loving ornamentals and flowers.


Of all operating windows, the casement is the best choice for directing and controlling passive ventilation. Since it cranks completely out, it uses the entire wall opening to best effect for ushering in cold breezes and pushing moisture out.

Although they could stand alone, casement windows usually come in pairs, ideal for admitting as much natural light as possible. In fact, they make excellent flankers for the bay.


In many ways, gliding windows work similar to double-hung units except they operate horizontally and are often wider. They capture sweeping views, ventilate adequately, and let a lot of the sun in even when they’re installed in short walls. If you’re planning to use glass backsplashes, we recommend sliding windows. They frame lovely landscapes just like fixed units, but they provide opportunities for increasing the airflow whenever you please.

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