Window Styles That Improve Natural Ventilation

When you’re looking for replacement windows for your home, you shouldn’t just focus on the aesthetic value they’re going to add. You should also think of how they will improve your home’s energy efficiency. Windows are a source of natural ventilation for your home, and some window styles are better at ventilating than others. Read on as Renewal by Andersen® of Orange County discusses more.

Natural Ventilation

Window Style and Design

High airtight sealing is what you’re looking for in an energy-efficient window. Depending on the style of the window, the airtight seal might be tighter or relatively flimsy so you need to consider your options carefully and find out what your priorities are. For example, are you set on an aesthetic piece or an energy-efficient one?

Luckily for you, there are window styles that blend aesthetics and functionality. One style that we recommend highly is casement windows. They fit both contemporary and traditional homes, and have the second most airtight seal just after fixed window panes. Unlike the latter, you can open these windows if you want to adjust the ventilation to your liking.

Energy Efficiency and Materials

The material the windows are made of also affects their energy efficiency. Wood and cedar have long been the materials of choice, but they actually have poor elemental resistance – particularly to water damage. This is why we recommend our vinyl windows. These are made with a composite material that is virtually immune to rotting and water damage, and it also replicates the appearance of wood.

Our double hung windows are another great option  if the design of casement windows isn’t your thing. It also boasts respectable airtight sealing, and can fit both contemporary and traditionally designed homes.

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