Window Vocabulary That You Should Be Familiar With

Are you looking to replace your old, inefficient vinyl windows in Orange County? If you’re planning to have window replacement project done for your home, make sure that you’re familiar with the terms used by contractors. This can help you select the right window for your home and can help you understand the parts that make your window work properly.

Here is a helpful glossary of some window terms prepared by us at Dial One Windows to assist you with your replacement project:

  • R-Value – This is a measurement of a window resistance to heat flow. The higher the number, the better a window is at resisting heat flow, which translates to better energy efficiency.
  • U-Factor – This is a rating of the amount of heat that is transferred through the windows. The lower the rating, the better a window is at keeping in heat.
  • Grilles – These are decorative part of the window that divides the glass in a pattern that you want.
  • Low-E Glass – A specially treated glass that features a thin metallic coating that helps reflect heat out. This can help keep in more heat during winter, and can help keep heat out during summer.
  • Fibrex® – This is a special composite material used here at Renewal by Andersen® for the frames of our windows. It combines that insulating capabilities of wood with the low-maintenance qualities that vinyl possesses.
  • Pane – This is a compartment within a window that contains a sheet of glass.
  • Weatherstripping – This is a strip of material placed between the sash and frame of a window that helps keep rain, air, or other environmental factors out.

If you need help with replacing your vinyl windows in Orange County CA or if you need further information on any of these terms, you can call us at Renewal by Andersen of Orange County.