Selecting the right windows for any room in your home encompasses more than just taking the right measurements. Homeowners want elegant, affordable and easy-to-use windows that will add a touch of style to their homes. However, how do homeowners know which windows are the right windows for their home?

Sliding windows, also known as gliding windows, are just one of the many options available. And if you’re looking for sliding windows in Newport Beach, CA, then Dial One Windows can help. Our sliding windows are perfectly designed with slim, contoured lines for installation in areas in which a projecting window might interfere with walkways, patios, decks or landscaping. Whether you need to replace old, drafty windows or just want to update your home’s décor, sliding windows can help you do either.

With sliding windows in Newport Beach, CA from Dial One Windows, you’ll get a highly functional window that’s easy-to-use. The windows sash open easily as they glide along raised glide rails on special fixed glide pins made of a DuPont Delrin & Kevlar compound. This type of window is offered in styles where both sides of the window are operational, or where one side remains stationary and the other side is operational.

In addition to functionality features, our windows come in a variety of interior and exterior colors, grille patterns, glass and hardware options. So, if you’re looking for sliding windows in Newport Beach, CA, contact Dial One Windows today to learn how we can help you.