Your Energy-Efficient Door: 3 Features to Look For

Like windows, your exterior doors add greatly to your home’s comfort and energy efficiency. That’s why, if your existing units fail to perform up to standards, the smartest thing to do is replace them. Additionally, you’ll need to cover all the bases when investing in door replacement. This means learning of the essential features that make doors in Orange County, CA, energy-efficient.

3 Features of Efficient Doors

Renewal by Andersen® of Orange County shares the three things you should look for.

1. Multiple Glass Panes—According to ENERGY STAR®, doors with double or even triple insulating glass are more energy-efficient. This is possible due to the glass’ ability to reduce radiant heat flow into your home. Renewal by Andersen uses advanced glazing technology for our range of patio doors. We optimize the width of air space between the two glass panes for greater thermal efficiency.

Our glass packages include High-Performance™ Low-E4®, which features thin, metallic coatings that restrict radiant heat transfer. By reducing damaging UV by up to 95%, this option helps you keep a more pleasant indoor environment minus the high energy costs. This exceptional glass is available to both our sliding and hinged French doors in Orange County, CA .

2. Durable Materials—You’ll want doors in durable and efficient core materials that can provide greater insulation for your home. Renewal by Andersen’s hinged French patio doors come with glass fiber reinforced composite exterior.  Our sliding French units, meanwhile, have frames in rigid vinyl sheath. Their superior durability allows them to withstand the harshest weather. This means you no longer have to worry about cracks or gaps where air can leak in.

3. Airtight Seals—Old exterior doors run the risk of increasing your home’s energy bills. This won’t be a problem when you choose Renewal by Andersen for your replacement units. Our sliding glass doors in Orange County, CA, have an advanced weather-strip system. This creates an airtight seal where the doors meet, preventing significant energy loss.

When you turn to Renewal by Andersen of Orange County, you’ll benefit from exterior doors that can help maximize your home’s comfort and energy efficiency. Call us at (714) 916-9229 or fill out our form today for a free estimate.