4 Ways Smaller Windows Benefit Your Home

One of the most popular home improvement projects is window replacement. Windows are vital elements when it comes to your home’s beauty, durability, and energy efficiency. You also have many options when planning to replace your windows.


While big windows can create a great connection with the outdoors, smaller replacement windows in Orange County, CA, also offer numerous benefits. Renewal by Andersen® of Orange County discusses four advantages of small windows that most homeowners often overlook.

1. They can bring light while maintaining privacy – Similar to picture or casement windows in Orange County, CA, small windows can bring a sufficient amount of light inside a room. They are ideal in rooms where you need a sense of privacy. You can install small windows high above the tub to allow a view outside while keeping the room free of prying eyes.

2. They allow you to enjoy outdoor views – Small windows are good at providing not just light, but also beautiful outdoor views. You can combine three or more windows to enjoy a more impressive view of your landscape. Small windows can bring serenity to any room. You may also install a skylight to go with your small windows for improved lighting.

3. They attract attention – Given their small size, these windows can catch the attention of your guests. With the proper treatment, you’ll get a more trendy style from both the outside and inside.

4. They add a touch of uniqueness – While some styles, like double-hung windows in Orange County, CA, combine beauty and functionality, small windows add a touch of uniqueness to any home. You can arrange them in various patterns that will complement your architectural style. Whether you have a traditional, contemporary, or modern home, small windows can make it stand out.

Renewal by Andersen of Orange County provides quality replacement windows available in many styles, colors, and sizes. Our styles include double-hung, casement, picture, and gliding windows. For a more beautiful and unique style, we recommend our specialty windows. We manufacture them in virtually any shape to match your home’s unique design.

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