5 Innovations Our Window Specialists Loved in 2014

In 2014, many property owners replaced their windows to enjoy the long-term benefits of replacement windows in Orange County CA and other areas in the country. High-quality replacement windows don’t just enhance your home’s curb appeal. They can also improve comfort in your home and increase your property’s value.

To welcome the new year, we at Renewal by Andersen® of Orange Countywant to share with you some window innovations we loved in 2014:

LowThermal Conductivity Frames

These days, you don’t have to settle with windows that have great features but have high thermal conductivity(e.g., aluminum). You won’t have a hard time finding stylish, low-maintenance, and energy-efficient windows with low thermal conductivity. Frames with low thermal conductivity include vinyl, wood, and Fibrex®, an exclusive material from Renewal by Andersen.

Green Windows

Green windows were also popular in 2014 as many property owners look for ways to achieve their energy efficiency goals. Green windows focus not only on decreasing energy usage, but also on reducing waste during production and postproduction.

Maintenance Features and Mechanisms

Many homeowners looked for windows that are easy to clean. Some of the popular innovations in this aspect include Sonte’s window film that allows you to mimic fogging on the glass and Renewal by Andersen’s tilt-wash mechanism.

The Sonte film allows you to switch between a see-through window film and a translucent butopaque film using your smartphone. The tilt-wash mechanism from RbA allows you to clean the lower and upper sashes of double-hung windows easily.

Power Windows

Thin photovoltaics were first produced in 2010. The technology has become popular since then. This feature allows your windows to harvest solar energy. Some varieties of this technology also let you collect power from LED and fluorescent lights.

Window Coating

Windowpanes that block UV rays and infrared light were also popular in 2014. Window films with this feature are available on the market. If you’re replacing your windows, however, it’s best to choose a product that comes with glass that has this feature. Our windows, for instance, come with High-Performance™Low-E4® glass. You can choose from different types of Low-E4 glass based on your needs and location.


Lockdown is an innovation by Andersen® Windows in partnership with Honeywell. This feature lets you know if you left your doors or windows unlocked.

Last year had been a great one for the window industry. We at Renewal by Andersen are looking forward to an even better 2015!

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