Finding the Right Windows for Homes with Stucco Siding

A corner of a window equipped with Stucco sidingStucco-clad exteriors, when installed right, are stunning. Most of the appeal comes from the wide array of fine and coarse textures they’re available in. Stucco siding is a great choice for houses with large exterior surfaces typically found in Spanish colonial and Prairie designs.

This material is popular in areas with drier climates like California or the desert Southwest. Natural stucco allows the walls to “breathe.” Although the material lets air and moisture pass through, it dries up fast so that water isn’t trapped inside the walls.

Although stucco is very versatile, you should be careful about picking the Orange County replacement windows to pair with this siding all the same. Make sure your choice doesn’t clash with the aesthetics of the material, as that can create a rather confusing look for your exteriors.

Here are some tips:


Grays and whites seem to be popular color choices for stucco cladding. Renewal by Andersen® offers replacement windows in several exterior colors that would look great with these muted tones. Try other shades from the gray palette like Sandtone and Terratone® or deep browns like Cocoa Bean and Dark Bronze. Black lends itself to pretty much any design scheme. You could easily go the classic or contemporary route with dark-colored frames.


Stucco blends in well with almost any design scheme, so it’s really up to you what window style to pair it with. If you live in an area with spectacular outdoor scenery, opt for non-operable units like picture windows for optimal viewing experience. Double-hung windows are a classic, and are perfect for traditional-looking houses. In contrast, gliding units give off a very modern feel. Consult your local window expert to find out which style fits your home best.


Renewal by Andersen manufactures windows using Fibrex®, an advanced composite that’s as strong as wood and as low-maintenance as vinyl. Just as stucco is among the most durable siding materials available, Fibrex is one of the best materials for frames in terms of performance and durability. Furthermore, it lasts longer than other framing materials. Frames made of Fibrex resist scratching, cracking, rotting, and corroding, unlike other framing options. No need to paint Fibrex frames, too. They come infused with color that stays beautiful even over time.


Installing replacement windows for homes with this type of siding is quite tricky. The units have to be integrated into the walls without damaging the stucco cladding outside. Unfortunately, not all window contractors know how to do this. Avoid damaged exteriors by hiring contractors who have a good amount of experience working with stucco-clad homes.

We at Renewal by Andersen of Orange County have installed countless replacement units in homes with stucco siding. We’re the experts on window replacement Orange County homeowners have trusted for years. Call us at (888) 266-7127 to learn more about our products and services.