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About Renewal By Andersen

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How long have you been in business and how many jobs have you completed?

We’ve been around for over 31 years and counting. Founded in 1984, we have been continuously serving local homeowners ever since. In 2004, we became an exclusive dealer for Renewal by Andersen, one of the best known and most respected window manufacturers in the nation.

To give you an idea of just how much experience we have, we have completed more than 33,000 window projects right here in Orange County and surrounding areas.

What is Fibrex®?

Fibrex is the exclusive material used only in Renewal by Andersen windows. The primary benefit of windows made from Fibrex is that they are BOTH incredibly durable AND very beautiful.

Homeowners love Fibrex Windows because:

  • They have a superior, durable finish that never needs painting and is very resistant to scratching and abrasions
  • They are extremely low maintenance
  • They look far superior when compared to typical vinyl windows
  • They are twice as strong as vinyl and require less frame – which means more glass viewing area
  • They have SmartSunTM Glass to keep you more comfortable
  • They have outstanding durability – they don’t crack, pit, corrode, or rot.*

Fibrex Windows are simply an outstanding choice. For more information, please visit our Window Comparison page.

Can I find somebody to replace my windows for a cheaper price?

Yes. Like almost anything, there is always someone willing to offer a cheaper version. We suggest that anyone price shopping should do a detailed, ‘nuts and bolts’ comparison. Often, that cheaper price comes with hidden costs later – like having to replace the windows much sooner or high energy costs because of poor quality.

Always ask about the quality of installers, too. Installation is an area where skimping by bringing in cheap, temporary labor can lead to lower prices… and very poor results.

Our philosophy is to have fair and reasonable prices, but we will not compromise product quality or installation expertise just to match the price of an inferior product.

Just like you don’t want the cheapest car or cheapest furniture, you don’t want to make the cheapest quality investment in your home.

My home has stucco siding – are your windows a good match for my home?

Yes – because of the large number of stucco homes we have worked on, we are the absolute experts in helping you find the perfect replacement windows. It is also important to note that our installation crews know how to install windows without damaging the stucco. Unfortunately, this is not something all replacement window companies have mastered and we have seen the damage sloppy work can do to stucco.

What do you mean by ‘no blame game’ warranty?

With most window companies you get a manufacturer warranty and then a separate labor warranty (although sometimes you don’t get any labor warranty at all). With separate warranties, when something goes wrong, that often starts “the blame game.” The manufacturer blames the installer, and the installer blames the manufacturer. And you – the homeowner – are stuck in the middle.

Since Renewal by Andersen is both the manufacturer and installer of your windows, you get ONE, rock-solid warranty that covers both products AND installation. With this warranty, there is absolutely no blame game at all.

What kind of financing options do you offer?

We have multiple payment plan options. This way you have maximum flexibility to get the financing that best works for you.

To give you an idea of just how good some of our options are, we offer $0 down payment, $0 interest, $0 payments for 1 or 2 years for qualified customers. We also offer o% APR and very low interest payment plans depending upon the size and scope of your job.

Please note: Some offers, including the one mentioned here, are limited time only. Be sure to ask for details of our latest offers during your consultation.

Do you accept credit cards?

Yes, we accept all major credit cards…Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.

Are you accredited with the Better Business Bureau?

Yes. We also have their highest possible rating: A+. We meet the BBB’s highest criteria and have maintained our top rating for decades. We have been a top rated BBB rated company for over 30 years.