If you drive down a prestigious residential street, you’ll notice how entry doors in Orange County reflect the overall character of the house and the personality of those living inside. A door that’s outdated, plain or mismatched detracts from a home’s overall style. In contrast, a carefully selected door can boost your home’s style and curb appeal, and generate a welcoming air for guests. But a Santa Ana entry door also has to be tough enough to withstand rain, wind, hot sun and constant use.

When deciding which entry door will work best, it’s always wise to begin by considering your home’s architectural style: a California bungalow and a Victorian will require very different front doors. Secondly, the door must provide privacy, security and protection from the elements. Finally, think about your budget. Entry door systems can range in price from hundreds to many thousands of dollars. Ultimately, ask yourself the following questions to choose the right door for your home.

• Aesthetics. Does the architecture of my home require a specific door style? Do I prefer the natural look of wood, or will the door be painted to accent my home?

• Performance. Will the door endure harsh weather conditions, or will it be protected under a porch or overhang? How important are energy-efficient features such as weatherstripping and insulation? What are my privacy needs?

• Cost. What’s my budget? Are warranties important to me?

Selecting an entry door can be a big decision. At Dial One, we feature the largest selection of entry doors in Orange County, made from solid wood, stock wood, fiberglass composite, aluminum and steel. Choose from energy-efficient glass packages and over 700 decorative glass combinations to create the perfect entry system for your home. Call (888) 266-7127 today or visit our showroom to get your project started!