Window Match-Up: Why Fibrex® Beats Vinyl Any Day

While vinyl may be the most popular window material today, it’s a 20th-century solution that no longer applies to 21st-century problems. First developed in the ‘50s, vinyl has never overcome its drawbacks over the years. It is cheap, but it doesn’t give a lot of value for your money.

Window Match-Up

On the other hand, Fibrex® is the superior alternative to vinyl. A patented wood-polymer composite, it shares the winning features of premium vinyl minus its downsides. As its exclusive source, Renewal by Andersen® of Orange County sheds light on the best reasons Fibrex trumps vinyl:

It Doesn’t Crack or Bow

Any window company would say that vinyl expands and contracts a lot with changes in temperature. In turn, vinyl windows are generally unable to maintain their weathertight seal, creating gaps around them that leak the heat out and the air in.

The same can’t be said about Fibrex. Thanks to its wood component, it has the incredible rigidity and stability of real timber. Twice as strong than vinyl, our long-term durability study revealed that Fibrex developed no cracks after 20 years of exposure to Minnesota’s harsh winters and summers.

It Doesn’t Sag

Any experienced windows contractor would attest that vinyl, in general, doesn’t stand up well to the heat. The odds of vinyl windows sagging when exposed to temperatures of 160°F is high.

On the contrary, Fibrex is virtually immune to the negative effects of the sun, or any elements for that matter. In fact, we guarantee it not to flake, peel, rust, rot, corrode, pit, or crack for 20 years since the original installation.

It Doesn’t Discolor

Vinyl may come in a bevy of colors, but its hue usually doesn’t last long. After just a few years, vinyl windows usually succumb to UV radiation, losing their vibrant and attractive finish quickly.

In contrast, our meticulous extrusion process allows Fibrex to stay in mint condition throughout its lengthy service life. We fuse the color into our revolutionary material, offering you a wide-ranging selection of long-lasting hues. As proof of our confidence in Fibrex, we provide 10-year coverage on its exterior color finish.

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