Essential Watermain Testing Methods Everyone Should Know

Before a water main testing procedure takes place, it is essential for a professional to install, disinfect, and commission the water main to the water distribution system according to different general accepted practices. This process includes disinfecting the new water mains and performing pressure tests. A city representative and consulting engineer collect bacteriological samples before the test starts.

Watermain testing methods 

The contractor and the consulting engineer should submit a water main testing plan at least 5 days prior to the test. Ideally, the plan should include the profile drawings, location for flushing, chlorination injection point, sampling points, and disposing and de-chlorination of super chlorinated water.

1. Flushing 

Flushing is crucial before disinfecting the mains. A relatively low-velocity flush is used in this process with a speed of approximately 0.8 m/sec. This makes sure that all contaminants and foreign materials flow out from the mains. The city representative and consulting engineer should be present during the flushing. They should sign off after inspecting the mains.

2. Leakage and pressure testing 

This is one of the most vital water main tests that no one should skip. It determines if the mains are capable of withstanding fluctuating operating pressures. This test checks if there is excessive leakage along with the mains, service connections, or at the joints. The leakage and pressure test is performed after the installation curb cocks and service connections. Apart from the primary test, the contractor may also decide to perform a secondary or unofficial pressure test before the final test so that he/she can double-check if the entire system is working correctly or not.

According to the state code, the pressure pump should meet the test pressure criteria. It should include a backflow preventer, a pressure relief valve, and 2 pressure gauges. The pressure relief valve should have the highest limit that must not exceed 1400 KPa. Also, you shouldn’t use the pump for construction activities. It should be dedicated to the testing process only. Apart from the pump, the water storage tank should also be used for water main testing only and not for construction purposes. Moreover, it should be made of non-corrosive material. Some of the procedures followed in this test are:

  • Installing air relief valves, blow-offs, and water services.
  • Some systems may need boundary valves. Make sure the consultant or contractor doesn’t operate this valve.
  • It takes a minimum of 3 days to cure the concrete thrust. No one should perform the test within these 3 days.
  • It is essential to open all the valves included in the test section.
  • Make sure that the curb stops are completely closed and the main stops are open before the test starts.
  • The water main pressure should go up to 1050 KPa.
  • The test should last for at least 2 hours.
  • If the test speed is slow, the consultant should re-pressure the water and see how the system works at 1050 KPa.
Depending on the water main testing sample result, the city will accept or deny the water main activation.

Tips On Selecting A Good Cleaning Company

If you want to work with a good cleaning company, you need to know what to look for in one. There are many cleaning company options out there that you can work with, you just have to pick the one that is going to meet your needs without costing too much.

Figure out what cleaning companies are in your area so you know what you have to choose from. To find out who offers this kind of service, you need to think about what you need cleaning. For instance, if you want someone to clean out an office for you, then you need to find an office cleaning service of some kind. When you know what kind of service you’re going to need, you’re going to want to search for what’s available through a search engine website. For instance, you can search for office cleaning help in the name of your city to find out what your options are.

Before you hire a service, figure out what a fair price is to pay for this kind of work to be done. You need to find out what a few people are charging for this kind of work on average to get an idea of what to pay. You don’t want to find out after you hire a service that they charged you way more than what is fair. There are plenty of affordable options in most areas so be sure you do your research to avoid paying too much money.

Get to know what people are saying about a company before you hire them. A good way to find out more about a company is to look for reviews on it. You want to learn what other people went through when they worked with a company so you can tell whether that company is worth it to do business with or not. You don’t want to work with a company, even if they are cheap if they are known for not being that good. You don’t want someone cleaning your property that won’t do a good job because then you are just wasting money.

See if you can get a discount if you get cleaning assistance on a regular basis. For instance, if you hire a home cleaning service each month or every few weeks, you want to know that they will give you a better price if you hire them on a regular basis. If you can’t get a discount, then at least see if they will be willing to give you one in the future if you keep working with them. Most people will let you get some money off if they know that you will work with them regularly.

It should now be easier for you to find the right cleaning company. You want to make sure you work with the best one in your area for the price. Spending too much or working with a bad company are things you can now avoid with the advice you were just given.

The Best Way To Obtain Slate Building Products

Part of construction comes to the parts. It’s necessary to come up with the right, highest quality, and cheapest material possible to make your profit maximized, as well as your reputation. Slate building products are no exception. It’s something you’ll need for the construction of your project. It’s difficult to find the best material. One that can be realistically gained when it comes to the eventual profit that needs to be made off them; however, you can make your business as profitable as possible when you know how to shop.

A specific supplier should be able to give you the needed material in the best fashion possible. The main thing you’ll need to worry about when it comes to the supplier is quality. Price is something that’s best to worry about when it comes to the next step. You need the materials that will hold up to make you look like you have the best construction team in the area.

Haggle, Haggle, Haggle 

Make sure to negotiate. The supplier wants to make a sell. You can make that happen. Send your most charismatic worker to help you get the best price for your operation. A business needs a solid businessman behind it’s back. Companies want as many clients as possible; however, they’ll try to take advantage of them so they can make as large a profit as possible. Rather than indulging them with a high sale price because you’re desperate to obtain the highest quality possible for your project, ask them about how low they’ll go. You could possibly obtain more of the material, that’ll bleed into the next project, but will work out better for your project as well. They may sell cheaper if you ask for a higher wholesale.

Pay Your Workers Justly, You’ll End Up Having More Money For The Material 

A lot of companies make the mistake of thinking they’ll have a higher profit if they pay their workers the minimum amount. It’ll encourage a laborer to be shabby. This will result in you having to explain why a construction job has a mistake or didn’t turn out as planned. It may lead to your team being hired for less business. Workers will put in them all to stay with a company that’s supplying them with enough to support their family on a normal budget. Keeping the team happy means better supplies and a job well done.

You’ll Make It With These Things In Mind! 

All that needs to be done can be achieved by keeping these pieces of advice into consideration. It may be impossible to control every aspect of the project; however, a lot of it also boils down to strategy. If you use the right technique to achieve the best profit, everyone in your business will end up with more in their pocketbook. You should also come up with your own parts of a strategic plan. It will result in a happy business!

Choosing A Health And Safety Training Service

Health and safety training is essential for most businesses whether you have people working in a warehouse or in an office. The problem that many business owners and managers have is trying to choose a health and safety training service. Not all services are created equally and you need to know what to look for in the perfect one for your business.

Your Business Needs

The health and safety training that your employees need will relate to the industry you work in and the type of work they complete. Someone who works in a factory will need to have different training to someone who works behind a desk all day. This is something that you need to consider and you should create a list of the training needs your business has.

This list should include any training that is dictated by your industry. Certain industries have regulations regarding health and safety that you need to meet and your training needs to cover this. You also need to consider the number of employees that need to be trained.

The Type Of Training

Once you know what you need from the training service, you have to consider the best type of training. There are some providers that offer online training that your employees can complete at their own pace. Other providers will have classroom training and your staff will need to go to their facility for this.

A lot of businesses choose a service that offers on-site training. These companies will send a trainer to your business and they will complete the training there. It is recommended that you consider what will work for your business and for your staff.

Check Their Credentials

While the type of training is important, you need to ensure that the company is properly qualified to provide it. You should look past the credentials that the company has and see what qualifications the trainers have. Ideally, you will want someone that has experience in your sector as well as qualifications from an accredited institute.

You should also check how long the company has been offering training. Companies that have been around for years will often have the experience that you want. However, newer companies could be more up to date with their training methodology and what they are teaching. Awards of quality can help you make your decision.

Check The Modules

Before you agree to hire a company, you need to find out what is included in their training. There is no point in working with a company that does not cover the health and safety requirements of your industry. Any reputable company will be willing to tell you about the modules they will cover with your employees. If they are not willing to, it could be a sign that they are not covering what you need.

Accredited Training

At the end of the training, how are your employees going to be assessed? In many industries, your employees will need to have some form of proof that they have completed this type of training. Accredited training courses will generally have an examination from an authority institute at the end.

It is important to note that many of the short courses that get will not be accredited. This means that there is no official testing at the end.

Health and safety training is something that you need to look at for all of your employees. In certain industries this is a requirement, but in others it is voluntary. When choosing a training provider, you need to ensure cover what you need and complete their training in a way that is ideal for your business.

Benefits of Professional House Cleaning Services

Professional house cleaning services are beneficial in many ways including the fact that they can help you get your home thoroughly cleaned within the shortest time possible. This may be beneficial especially to those who have busy lifestyles. So, why worry about cleaning your house when you can hire professional cleaners to help you out? That said, here are the major benefits that professional house cleaning services can offer:

Can Help You Keep Dust Allergies at Bay

Professional house cleaning services can help homeowners prevent dust allergies as professional cleaners know how to get rid of any dust from a home. The equipment they use to clean homes can make carpets and floors dust free and get rid of dust floating in a house.

Keep in mind that dust often plays around unpredictable places and it can be a good idea to look for someone who knows about these areas. As such, the best way to keep dust at bay is to consider this type of service for your property.

Deeper Clean

Professional cleaners usually use tools to clean houses. In addition, they know the ins and outs of house cleaning and you can be sure of a deep clean when you hire their services. These cleaners will clean every inch of your house as they pay attention to every part of your house.

Therefore, when you hire reputable professional cleaners you can be sure that your house will get an intense clean. If you have toddlers or crawling infants, consider hiring a professional cleaner to ensure a sufficient level of hygiene in your house.

Can Help You Save Time

Professional house cleaning services can help people have more downtime. This means that a person can get time to relax and bond with his or her loved ones or even do things that are more important to him or her. This is important considering the fact that cleaning is a time-consuming task that can make a person spend precious time off in the weekends or evenings to clean their houses.

Professional House Cleaners Are Experienced and Well Trained On How to Do House Cleaning.
Professional house cleaners know the tools and products to clean houses mainly because they are experienced and have undergone training on how to clean houses. Due to their experience and training, professional cleaners can ensure the best results possible when it comes to house cleaning. In fact, they know how to get rid of the toughest stains as they may have dealt with such stains before. As such, you can be sure that they will clean your house in the best way possible and deliver high-quality cleaning results with the help of their experience.

As you can see, there are many benefits offered by professional home cleaners. However, you should avoid hiring the first professional cleaner you come across as this may not always be the best choice. You need to take your time and do extensive research when looking for the right professional house cleaner. To enjoy the benefits above and for astonishing results, look for a good house cleaner.

property management airbnb

Reasons To Invest In Airbnb Property Management

A rental property can be a great investment. After all, it can provide you with tremendous cash flow. This is especially true when you are talking about an Airbnb property that can help you maximize the rental returns you are able to generate with the property itself. If you are someone that is looking to jump on an investment property to use as an Airbnb rental property, you are going to want to hire an Airbnb property management company that specializes in Airbnb properties. Below, we will be going over some of the reasons you want to consider hiring a management company to assist.

Reasons To Invest In An Airbnb Property Management Company:

1. Better Pricing Strategy.

While you could always consider doing a lot of the work yourself, unless you truly know the in’s and out’s of the market, you are not going to be able to maximise the profitability of your rental because you won’t be able to have a well laid out pricing strategy. The best way to really come up with the best pricing strategy is by knowing the marketplace. By hiring a company that knows everything about the entire market, you will be much better suited to finding the right management company to hire for the best results.

2. Convenience.

Another good thing that you will be able to benefit from when you consider hiring a property management company for your Airbnb properties would have to be a greater level of convenience. When you consider hiring someone to handle your properties, you will be able to generate much better overall convenience because you will have a lot of the time-consuming tasks associated with renting out a property completely handled by the company that you hire. This alone can really take a lot of the time-consuming nature out of having rental properties as investments.

3. Flexibility.

Another good thing that you will be able to get from hiring a company to handle a lot of the tasks for you would be a greater level of flexibility. Because you will be able to have someone handling the daily tasks associated with renting out your property, it is going to allow you to have the freedom to live remotely without having any restrictions. This is primarily because you will have a company that you can rely on to handle the day to day tasks associated with renting out properties on Airbnb. Remember, always to have the correct property insurance in place.

Overall, there are plenty of good things to like about using Airbnb as a platform to increase your rental properties profitability. However, the nature of the platform can really take up a lot of time and really cause you much more headache than you might like. However, by hiring a third-party management company to handle a lot of the tasks for you, it is going to allow you to maximise the profitability of your investment without forcing you to live by your property and to handle all of the time-consuming things that are involved with the entire rental process.

Role Of Health and Safety Trainers

Previously in the workplace, health and safety training was seen as a disruption to business operations, time wasting and a costly additional expense with little benefit for the business. However, that assumption is totally incorrect given how employees from different fields have suffered injuries through accidents that would have otherwise been avoidable with a little health and safety training. Having health and safety trainers such as WH Scott Lifting Equipment educate your employees can go a long way to keeping lost man working hours down and maintaining a low accident ratio. These trainers will:

Reduce The Number Of Workplace Injuries 

This is actually the most important role they play and the whole reason for bringing them in. Even for low-risk environs, an injury or accident is still possible given how these incidences tend to happen when you least expect. Being prepared and aware of all the safety procedures can really save a lot of time when responding to an accident. Having the knowledge on what to do if and when things go wrong can prove to be a lifesaver.

Create A Safety Culture 

Safety training isn’t the employer’s obligation alone: employees equally have their responsibilities. Having them attend a class will help spread out the awareness levels across the workplace. Creating a culture of safety will have employees looking out for each other which means they are more likely to spot an imminent safety concern. Also, employees are encouraged to report accidents and near-misses in order to keep a tight grip on such occurrences.

Ensure You Are Legally Compliant 

Providing and implementing proper levels of training is one of the obligations of an employer. According to the work and safety act, an employer is required to conduct a risk assessment test of all the work processes and areas while recording the findings. If there are any significant risks, then appropriate measures must be applied to minimise the risk in a timely manner. The assessments and report must be recorded for accountability purposes in case suitable actions are not taken to eliminate the risk. Professional safety trainers will assist to keep you in accordance with the law as you run the business. They will also make you aware of any protective gears and equipment needed by the personnel.

Keep Operations Flowing 

Efficient and effective training procedures will most definitely keep employees safe and healthy. This way, there will be minimal lost man hours through injury or sickness. With such few disruptions in business operations, employees will be more inclined to focus on what is expected of them which means high productivity.

Health and safety training not only benefits the employer in terms of insurance compensation but more importantly saves the employees who are at more risk of suffering injury or sickness. When hiring these trainers, choose the ones who are certified and experienced to conduct the safety checks because they will know exactly what to look for. It is not only your duty as an employer to care for visitors and employees in your premises but also an ethical principle. You are dealing with the lives of people, so handle it with the seriousness it deserves.

Choosing The Best Carpet Cleaning Services in Kerry

If you have a carpet and cannot find time to clean it or it is too large to clean, you do not have to worry. There are plenty of carpet cleaning services that you can hire to do it for you. Here are some tips to follow when choosing a carpet cleaning services in Kerry. These will guarantee that you make the best choice that will get you the results you need.

Check Their Reputation 

Check online and ask from any previous clients that you can find so that you can be able to get the best service. If you see that a service that has many complaints then it means that you should stay away from them. Check for reviews on issues with their professionalism, the way they handle the clients and their policies as well. Look for reviews that are recent. The reviews that go back a few months are the best to look out for.

Go For experience 

If you are looking for the best carpet cleaning services in Kerry, then you will need to choose those that have plenty of experience. Their experience is what enables them to give you the best quality of services. They will also know how to handle the materials carefully so that the carpet’s integrity is not compromised. If you want the carpet to remain in good condition for a long time, your best bet is a carpet cleaning service that has the experience to handle it with care.


Are They Certified? 

Check that the service you want to hire is certified to run that kind of business. They should have well-trained and efficient personnel to handle the cleaning. This will ensure that your carpet does not get damaged when it is getting cleaned or transported. A certified company is also most likely to have the best equipment to clean the carpet. They will be able to clean the carpet properly and dry it well so that it does not get mildew or smell damp once it is returned to you. Certified cleaning companies are aware of the different types of fabrics and the best ways to clean them and get rid of any kind of stains.

Extra Services 

You will benefit from a carpet cleaning company that offers the clients extra services. For instance, if you do not have enough time to get your carpet to them, they should be able to collect it from your home or office and deliver it after they have done the cleaning. You should ask them if the price changes with these services so that you can know the exact price quote.

They Should Use Environmentally Safe Products 

It is important to check if the service uses environmentally safe products when cleaning. Most of the cleaning companies will have this information on their websites. You need to make sure that the information is true because some services may say that just to get more clients. You can learn from any previous clients if they actually do use the products they say they do.

Helpful Information on Finding the Best Hardware Store in County Meath

There are plenty of people wondering about how to find the best hardware store in County Meath. Individuals that want to get the best bang for their buck will have to weigh the positives and negatives of each hardware store in the area. Analysing each store may be a painstaking endeavour. Hence, here are a few tips you can use to help your search for the best hardware seller in County Meath.

Look for hardware stores that have continuously garnered a spectacular reputation in the community and are overall market leaders. Strong reputation within the community is a very reliable indicator that the hardware store is one of the best in the area. In addition, if the store is leading the market with tremendously low prices, this is yet another indicator that it is highly competitive and reliable. Hence, by making sure that the hardware store you consider in County Meath has a great reputation and has market leading prices is a fantastic strategy.

Looking for guarantees and warranty are a very important part of being a savvy consumer. Highly regarded hardware sellers understand that great customers are looking to get some sort of risk management incorporated into their products. It is a fact that there will always be faulty products on the market. Reliable hardware sellers will always ensure that their products come with a variety of guarantees to make sure that buyers will not be cheated. Look for a hardware store in County Meath that has the most competitive guarantees on their products.

Technical information regarding various hardware products on the market right now is readily available through the internet. By looking into the technicalities behind the product that you wish to purchase from a hardware store, you’ll be in a better position to make an informed judgment. Hardware sellers who stock the most highly reviewed and most technically advanced products are usually highly trustworthy. Thus, by becoming more acquainted with the product you are searching for.

County Meath has plenty of high-quality sellers of various different products. However, certain businesses have established a reputation for either having poor-quality products, poor customer service, or both. With this in mind, it is recommended that you look at any community blacklists in County Meath regarding untrustworthy businesses. By looking into blacklists, you will be able to filter out the retailers in the area that have garnered a bad reputation. Quickly looking at blacklists can make the search for the best hardware retailer much easier.

It is easier than ever before to get your hands on high-quality hardware for an affordable price. Throughout County Meath, there is plenty of hardware sellers that have exceptional reputations within the community. By focusing on the various tactics and tips that have been outlined, it should be relatively simple and easy for you to locate a seller that will meet all of your expectations. High-quality retailers are in high abundance, thus a little bit of effort will make them much easier to spot.

What Should You Know About uPVC A Rated Windows?

What makes uPVC windows good? In the modern market, you’d think it’d be quite easy for you to spot differences between a good uPVC window and the bad ones. It is at least in Ireland and the UK because the windows now have certifications. These are energy ratings that let you know how good each window is at keeping your heat inside. The A-rated uPVC windows are the best ones, in general, followed by the Bs, and then so forth.

That means the problem is solved for you, yes? Unfortunately, it’s not so easy. Just because some window comes with an A-rated certification on it doesn’t automatically mean it’s a great window. This rating system is often a voluntary industry standard rather than something enforced by objective inspection and review. That’s why it’s helpful to know a few things you should see in uPVC A-rated windows.

One thing that you should look for is the reinforcement. Rather than aluminum or steel, it will often be something ‘warmer’ such as carbon. That will minimise the heat loss that happens through the window frame. It’s also necessary for the double glazing to get updated so there is a warm edge spacer bar, as well as Low-E glass. It should also be gas-filled. The most common choice is argon, but some go as high as krypton gas.

If you’re looking for good uPVC windows, A-rated or otherwise, then take a close look at the plastic which is used in the window manufacturing. There should be a minimum of a 10-year warranty or guarantee on it, if not longer. That will cover it in the event of warping or discolouring.

Also, see what the guarantee is on the double-glazing. Many older ones featured 7-year warranties. However, many of the newer ones will actually have a warranty of twice that, ranging 15 years or even longer.

The locking system is also worthy of your consideration. The market has many kinds of locking systems available, and a number of window makers will just pick the cheapest one that’s on the market. Of course, you should always ask for a better system. Espag locking systems are commonly used, but if you’d like just a bit more security, go for a shoot-bolt system as an improved option.

Window handles are also something that comes in a variety of options. Some of them are going to only last you half a year, or maybe a year at most, based on how much they get used. Others might last 5 years or longer. It’s actually really hard to tell this with the naked eye. Protect yourself with a 2-year guarantee on any moving parts of the window. Also, ask about their repair policies, just in case.

Buying new windows that are more energy-efficient is a good thing if you want to keep your home warmer without spending as much on your utility bills. Still, there are other factors to consider, such as exterior visibility, security, ease of use, durability, and warranty so you protect your home and investment.