The Benefits of 4 Different Types of Windows

There is a great variety of windows available on the market today. You can use these often-gone-unnoticed fixtures to entirely morph the look and feel of a room if you know how to do it right. Making the right selection is important, not only because of appearances. Functionality and light have hefty roles to play in the decision-making process when choosing a window style.

Continue reading to learn more about four common window styles and when they best enhance the qualities of your home.

Sliding Windows

For contemporary homes, sliding windows offer an aesthetic and functionality that are second to none. These windows operate on at least two horizontal sashes that use rollers to slide the window open or closed. They are incredibly easy to operate and take up essentially zero space – making them a perfect addition for small homes.

Casement Windows

Available in numerous styles, casement windows are hinged from the side upon an outer frame. This enables windows to swing inward, outward, left and right with great ease, thus enabling optimal airflow in the room. When closed, these windows are exceptionally energy-efficient.

Casement windows are also great for helping to keep the outside where it belongs. Optimal noise-canceling qualities, dust protection, and rainwater protection make these a perfect addition to nearly any kitchen, bedroom or bathroom. It is always important to maintain your windows by hiring professional contract cleaners.

Bay Windows

For an elegant touch that can’t be matched, bay windows are a timeless classic. A bay window is actually composed of many windows to create a larger effect, one that invokes class and sophistication. Depending on location, these windows also afford a great amount of natural light during the day, which can help keep things warm and comfortable while keeping outside elements outside.

These durable windows are used most commonly in living and dining rooms, where they can create an even more spacious illusion.

Fixed Windows

A window of this type does not open at all. It exists to let in light, not fresh air, but that’s not a bad thing. By making a few of your windows fixed, you can save a tremendous amount on your energy bills. After all, fixed windows are the most energy-efficient around. It makes sense since they are non-opening fixtures.

For a bit of light and elegant touch in any room, fixed windows are a great selection.

There are many more styles available to consumers today, but these four are among the most energy-efficient and aesthetically dynamic options on the market. All of them also have the added benefits of noise insulation, protection from the elements and ease of use. Schedule a consultation with a window outfitter today to see which options will be the best fit around your home!